Episode 031: Rick Dhaliwal

Enjoy Episode 031 of The LarschCast featuring TJ, Sat, Nav, Brad, Carter, Heavy Dee and special guest Rick Dhaliwal of TSN 1040.

Episode 029: Captain Kirk

Enjoy Episode 029 of the LarschCast featuring LarschCasters TJ, Sat, Nav, Brad, DJ Heavy Dee and the 1 and only, Captain Kirk McLean. McLean talks about 1994 vs. 2020, adjusting to Iron Mike and being traded from Vancouver. Also listen in for how he feels about the 50th Anniversary celebrations. Best episode yet!!!

Episode 028: Canucks in 2019, Chronicles of Jake, Hughes your All-Star? NFL Wildcard Weekend!!!

Enjoy Episode 028 of the LarschCast where the LarschCasters disect the year for the Canucks. Also, they make the case for and against voting Quinn Hughes into the All-Star game. Is Jake Virtanen a 50-point scorer? Who will win in the NFL’s Wildcard Weekend showdowns? Listen for all this and more.

Episode 027: Manny Bahia

Enjoy Episode 027 of The LarschCast featuring the LarschCasters and guest Manny Bahia, co-founder of Daily Hive!

Episode 026: Kyle Wellwood

Enjoy Episode 026 of the LarschCast. TJ, Sat, Brad and Gulu are joined in studio by former Leaf, Canuck, Shark and Jet, Kyle Wellwood. We discuss dirty dangles, coaching and how Alain Vigneault almost ran Wellwood out of the NHL!

Episode 025: Big Daddy Pratt

Enjoy Episode 025 of the LarschCast featuring Dave Pratt!

Episode 023: Jim Robson! Jim Robson! Jim Robson!

Enjoy Episode 023 of the LarschCast featuring the legend Jim Robson!

Episode 022: the TomCast

Enjoy Episode 022 of the LarschCast featuring the one and only TOM LARSCHEID!!! Tom joins LarschCasters TJ, Sat, Nav and Gulu to reminisce about his time as the Canucks colour commentator, ‘Babe’ Bertuzzi, Pat Quinn, what makes a superstar and the Russian Rocket. The best episode yet!

Episode 020: Straight Outta Maui

Enjoy Episode 020 featuring LarschCasters TJ, Sat and Gulu. They’re joined by TSN’s Dave Tomlinson to discuss if the Canucks are the real deal and the new metric DT%!